AsiaIRP’s logo, the banyan tree, is culturally significant throughout Asia. Buddha is said to have achieved enlightenment beneath a banyan tree in India, while in Hong Kong the Lam Tsuen Wishing Trees, a popular shrine, are a type of banyan. In the Philippines and Thailand, banyan trees are home to clever spirits and in Indonesia the banyan forms part of the symbol for the Pancasila or national ideology, shown on the Garuda of the National Coat of Arms. It is ultimately the banyan’s pan-Asian symbolism as an open place of learning and commerce that resonates most deeply with AsiaIRP and our dedication to the value and transparency of quality independent Asian research.

AsiaIRP welcomes applications from new members who fulfil the criteria as an independent research provider. We also welcome partners who support our goal of promoting independent research in Asia. Please contact us for more information.

The Asian Association of Independent Research Providers is a membership association which represents the interests of the Asian independent investment research industry.

AsiaIRP members derive their revenue primarily from investors, and not from investment banking, underwriting or corporate broking, proprietary trading or market making, advisory or consultancy services or from companies that are the subject of their research.